Humid air can cause excess moisture which leads to the skin infections and mold and mildew growth to worsen over time. Reducing moisture in the air with a dehumidifier can counteract problems like Skin Irritation, mold and mildew growth, damp walls, furniture expanding and detoriation, etc. The preferred and recommended time to use dehumidifiers is during summer.
Yes, Dehumidifiers can enhance indoor air quality. By reducing moisture (humidity) can stop mould growth, inhibit dust mite reproduction, and slow the spread of bacteria and viruses.
A Dehumidifier can be used to reduce high temperature in a confined space or home. However, a portable air cleaner is not enough to protect people from COVID-19 on its own. To protect your family and home, Humicovid Controller is the most recommended product to eliminate harmful viruses like COVID as it has a 3 step air filtration process which purifies air by removing harmful viruses.
Dehumidifier conditioners are one of the best devices to get rid of high heat and humidity in the times of summer. It can cool a room by waving fresh and cool air. Moreover, it dampens and effectively reduces the noise from the unit, thereby resulting in noiseless cooling and uninterrupted sleep.
The purpose of a small dehumidifier is to remove moisture from air in small places like a wardrobe or kitchen cabinet. It is recommended to use a small dehumidifier at such places as it removes excess moisture from the air and prevents mold and mildew from growing in those places, protecting your fashion accessories and perishable products.

Commercial and Industrial sectors are the ones who have the highest humidity as they have a large number of employees and machines running which generates high amounts of heat and humidity. Also, warehouses which store fragile and perishable goods require it the most. Keeping that in mind, AMFAH Dehumidifiers for commercial and industrial use are made to remove these excess moisture from air and maintain a good humidity level to protect the people working there, along with the machines and products.

Yes, of course. But for a dehumidifier to serve a whole house, it must be the whole house dehumidifier type. As said, these units are able to serve up to 5000 sq ft or more, which is around the typical size of most homes today. It is better to consult with an expert before buying a dehumidifier for your home. Contact team Amfah to get more insights on their products.

Amfah’s Dehumidifiers are accessible to use at every location possible as it is a light and easy to hover. You just need to keep in mind that you’ve got to install the right size and capacity of dehumidifier. For eg: You have a room of 1000 sq ft and dehumidifiers capacity is 200/sq ft you would need 5 of them.

Pollens from grass, trees, and flowers sometimes cause a great deal of disruption indoors. But air conditioner can make your home allergy-proof and protected against pollen and other indoor pollutants such as dust, dust mites, dander, mold, bacteria, and viruses

Humidity controller device known as dehumidifiers is a bit like a vaccum cleaner. It sucks in air from your room it is placed in, takes the moisture out of it, and then blows it back out into the room again. The moisture drips through into a collection tank that you have to empty, from time to time.

Humidifiers add moisture to the air when it is too dry. Generally, people use humidifiers in the wintertime to combat the dryness of winter air. A dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air when it is too humid. Dehumidifiers are used during the spring and summer. Both the devices can be used at home, office or industrial use to maintain a preferred humidity level.

Mold and mildew only need a damp, moist environment and organic material to spread themselves and thrive. Roof, foundation leaks, high interior humidity, and more severe forms of flooding are common sources of moisture and are what causes mold in a house. They commonly develop in humid summer weather, especially in closed houses. These molds grow on anything from which they can get enough food.

Since 1997, Amfah has been the leading supplier of air quality treatment products like humidifiers, dehumidifiers, portable ACs, air purifiers and Humicovid controllers all over India.

Summer brings a lot of moisture which settles on our skin and spreads diseases like itching, rash, tiny bumps or blisters. High moisture in air also causes an increase in pests, excessive sweating, damages your furniture and also makes your home seem uncomfortable. Dehumidifier at such a time is a life savior. It removes excess moisture and humidity from the air which keeps you and your home cool. It also protects your furniture from expanding and deteriorating. Dehumidifier is the best solution for all your high humidity issues.

Dehumidifiers and Portable ACs are the best solution to cool your house this summer. Dehumidifiers take out excess moisture from the air which makes our room cooler and pleasant. Whereas, portable air conditioners main purpose is to provide cool air and make your home chilly during summer.

AMFAH Humicovid controller devices have a 3 step filtration process (PM 5 Pre Filter + Carbon Filter + HEPA Filter) and controls room humidity as per the standard viruses deactivation levels which absorbs infected air and exhales healthy and pure air. This can be a savior to maintain indoor air quality at healthy levels for protecting people.

Summer temperatures can rise to between “50-60% RH” which can have a number of adverse effects on the human body. It can contribute to feelings of low energy and excessive sweating. In addition, high humidity can cause Hyperthermia – overheating as a result of your body’s inability to effectively let out heat. The preferred humidity levels between “40-60% RH” are ideal for keeping you and your home comfortable without leaving condensation on your windows.

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Since 1997, Amfah is an air quality expert and has been the leading supplier of air quality treatment products like humidifiers, dehumidifiers, portable ACs, air purifiers and Humicovid controllers all over India.

The sole purpose of dehumidifiers is to remove water vapor or steam in the air to decrease moisture levels (humidity), especially in summer. It can bring a great benefit for someone dealing with damp walls, skin irritation, and furniture detoriation. Dehumidifiers are easy to use. You just need to turn the device ON and keep it in the room where there is high humidity, the moisture from the air will be sucked device. It is recommended to set the humidity level to the optimal relative humidity level that is between “40-60% RH”.